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Online/Distance Healing Services

TURA Members providing Distance or Online Reiki healing services.

Members are listed in alphabetical order (A to Z ) .

Aarti M

Jurong, Singapore

(+65) 9105 5493

Reiki Healing , Reiki workshops, Online Workshops, Reiki Shares, Intro Talks, Online/Distance healing, Colour Therapy

Archana Saha

Geylang, Singapore

(+65) 8180 3397

Reiki Healing , Home Visits, Reiki Workshops, Reiki Shares

Eckshar D/O Jesu Milton

Serangoon, Singapore

(+65) 9177 2572

Reiki share, Reiki workshop, Reiki healing, Distance Reiki Healing, Reiki Psychotherapy

Elaine Victoria Yang

Geylang Rd & Hougang

(+65) 9488 2454

Reiki Healing , Home Visits, Reiki Workshops, Reiki Shares

Estrella Chua

Bukit Timah, Singapore

(+65) 8298 6889

Reiki healing, Animal Reiki, Online/Distance healing, Tarot Card, Oracle Card and Pendulum readings

Mahima Gaur

Tanjong Rhu, Singapore

(+65) 9857 5483

Reiki Healing , Home Visits, Reiki Workshops, Reiki Shares, Online workshops, Animal Reiki, Intro talks, Distance healing, Singing bowls

Nirupama Soni

Punggol, Singapore

(+65) 9488 1123

Reiki Healing, Home visits, Animal Reiki Healing, Reiki shares, Intro talks, Reiki Level workshops , Online workshops, Distance healing.

Pooja Arora

Beach Road, Singapore

(+65) 9727 6181

Reiki workshops, Children's workshops, Reiki healing, Distance healing, Reiki shares and talks, Past Life therapy, Inner Child therapy, Energy cleansing & balancing

Rie Komiya

Geylang Rd, Singapore

(+65) 9848 8786

Reiki level 1/2/3 workshops, Personnel healing and distant healing, Intro talk on demand

Tharanga Gamage

Simei, Singapore

(+65) 9640 6859

Reiki Healing , Reiki Workshops, Reiki Shares, Introduction Talks, online Reiki and healing, Animal Reiki, children's Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Method) (Tapping) and TFT sessions, Meditation sessions

Yng Wang

Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

(+65) 9111 3962

Workshops : Reiki 1/2/3/Reiki Master Training

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