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T.U.R.A. Credential Criteria

Why become a Credentialed Reiki Master Teacher​?

Quality teaching and education helps ensure a high reputation for our Reiki Master Teachers, and also provides peace of mind for students and those interested in learning Reiki. The following criteria have been agreed upon by the founding members of T.U.R.A. 


Reiki 1 Content

Conducted over 10-12 hours

Background Theory – 2-3 hours to include:

·       Holistic healing

·       Energy healing

·       Qualities of Reiki

·       History

·       Usui 5 Principles

Practical – 3-4 hours may include:

·       Topical/first aid treatment

·       Chakra healing and balancing

·       Long treatment for healing

·       Intuitive treatment

·       Group healing

Reiki Theory, Healing of Others – 3-4 hours to include:

·       Healing topical injuries

·       Healing for balancing and stress

·       Treatment protocol

·       Ethics of Reiki treatment

·       Treatment of children

·       Treatment of Animals

Four Reiki Level 1 Attunements

Reiki 2 Content

Conducted over 10-12 hours

Background Theory – 2-3 hours to include:

·       Symbology

·       History and qualities of each symbol

·       Ethics of Reiki 2 sending

CKR and SHK – 3-4 hours may include:

·       Learning symbols

·       CKR empowering reiki and variations

·       Chakra treatment

·       SHK harmonizing/intuition/ communication variations

Sending – 3-4 hours may include:

·       Learning symbols

·       Sending technique and practice

·       Sending to people for healing

·       Sending to labels, incidents, past and future

·       Sending to affirmations

·       Case studies and examples

·       To include at least 3 practice sending sessions

One Reiki Level 2 Attunement

Reiki Master Training  (Reiki 3/Master combined)

Conducted over a minimum of 6 months and total 100 hours (teacher contact time and homework combined)

Teaching Attunements – 10-15 hours practical

Background Theory – 10-15 hours may include:

·       Responsibilities of Teaching

·       Ethics and terms of agreement

·       Master energy

How to teach Level 1 – 10-15 hours

How to teach Level 2 – 10-15 hours

Business building tools, teaching tools, case studies – 10-15 hours

Personal growth – 20-30 hours

Please include your lineage and or teaching outline/manuals when applying for Credentialed Reiki Master Teacher. 

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