T.U.R.A Socials

TURA organises regular socials for its members. The Socials are designed to build the reiki community and continue Reiki education. The socials are either free or deeply discounted for members. Non-members Reiki Practitioners are welcome to join, but will have to pay full price for each social!

Introduction to Byosen by Akiko

This term may seem quite foreign to some practitioners of Reiki. It is written as 病腺. Simply read as meridian of disease. (only a Reiki term so if you ask any Japanese person on the street, it would not mean much!)


This is divided into different levels of resonance in the hands to determine the severity of illness which practitioners can learn and be able to discern during the course of their learning. It is very much an acquired skill yet everyone can gain such a profound sensation in no time.


During the talk, Akiko will guide you to understand the principle of sensations in all stages and expand awareness in what you could potentially develop, practicing together. 

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