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Quality Reiki Eduction and Vibrant Reiki Community

About TURA

The USUI Reiki Association (TURA)

Reiki is a Japanese healing and balancing modality which over the years has helped millions of people become more connected with their own intuitive capabilities for self-healing.  Reiki is taught in many different ways and over the years this diversity has continued to grow. The Usui Reiki Association (TURA) promotes quality standards for the teaching of Usui Reiki in the Takata lineage through rigorous credentialing and advocacy.


The Usui Reiki Association is a Society registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore UEN:T18SS0043D

About TURA
What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

It can help with

Pain Management

From first aid to chronic aches & pains - Reiki can start physical healing from deep within.

Stress Management

Stressed or burned out? Renew your energies and rejuvenate yourself with Reiki.

Anxiety & Depression

Cope with negativity and personal limiting beliefs. Tap into your inner strength to lift yourself up! 

Personal & Spiritual Growth

Begin the journey to unleash your inner healing potential. Feel the support of the loving Reiki community throughout this journey. 

Mental Balance

Manage your daily emotions to help you find your centre.

Sleep Issues

Get in tune with your body's natural sleep cycles and wake up rejuvenated.

Usui Reiki Principles

Just for today,

I will not worry.

Reiki Events

Support Group

TURA Socials

Events to deepen Reiki knowledge and connect to Reiki community in Singapore

People During Workshop

Reiki Workshops

Find Reiki workshops provided by TURA credentialed Reiki teachers

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Shares

Events for Reiki practitioners to share Reiki group healing, hosted by TURA members 

Reiki Events

Your Reiki Journey with TURA Starts Here

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Address : 333B Beach Road, SG 199563

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